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Calgary, The Vibrant City Where it All Started

Calgary, The Vibrant City Where it All Started

Every great story has an origin and for Taza Collections, that origin is the wonderful city of Calgary. The vibrant city has been the major inspiration behind many designs that have been created in our AW18 collection, from the new Calgary Public Central Library to the iconic Calgary Tower, these are only a small handful of places that inspire us each and every day.


Calgary is home to many success stories, just this year it was named as one of the most livable cities in the world! Companies like Local Laundry and Marks all started in Calgary and have gone to take over the world, we hope that Taza Collections will be the next success story to come out of Calgary!


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As Calgary grows so does it’s creative and artistic community, through art and self-expression Calgary is growing to be a hub of creativity in Canada. The National Music Center Studio Bell opened in Calgary and began to transform Calgary into what it slowly is becoming today. Vibrant local companies such as the Village Ice Cream and Luke’s Drug Mart have created a friendly and open vibe to the fast-paced city, we call home.


There are many more reasons why Calgary is one of the best cities in the world, it is young, cool, and classy. The city has the highest average annual household income in the country and one of the lowest unemployment rates as well. We in Calgary are home to the Calgary Flames, of course, one of the best teams in the NHL (if you don’t believe just check out the stats for yourself)! Calgary is also one of the cleanest cities in the world, I know right Calgarians really do love their city!


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As you can see, we are very proud to have started and grown in Calgary and we hope to grow even larger and faster in the coming months! Here is to 2019 being the year Taza Collections makes a mark on Calgary and helps give back to the community! YYC, we thank you!

Photos: YYC 3D, Travel Alberta