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A Guide to Jewelry Statements

A Guide to Jewelry Statements

Jewelry is the pinnacle of statements in the fashion industry, everyone wants to stand out in the crowd of simplicity and uniformity however statements must stay elegant and classy. Loud jewelry will for sure make you stand out and make a statement as long as that statement is that you do not know how to dress with style and class. Do not get me wrong, sometimes the louder the piece the larger the statement it will make, it all depends on what you are trying to convey to your audience. There is a thin line between classy and cheesy when it comes to statement jewelry, once you can navigate through that line you will not only make bold statements but look good while doing it. Here is the ultimate guide to looking good while making subtle statements.


Outfits are Everything When it Comes to Statement Jewelry

Actions speak louder then words and that applies for our jewelry as well. Each outfit you wear is meant to convey something different when wearing a bold and colorful outfit it always best to pair the outfit with more of a monochrome set of jewelry. This will allow you, admirers, to pay more attention to the outfit in its self and not portray your outfit as cheesy alongside the loud jewelry. Taza Collection bracelets provide the utmost simplicity while still bringing out bold and loud statements. Almost any outfit will pair well with a Taza Collection bracelet while still making show-stopping statements.


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Styles of Statement Jewelry

Let’s take a look at some of the many types of statement jewelry that will make you look not only classy but stylish. Rocking one of these pieces will make you seem unstoppable!


  • Chunky

This style of jewelry is not uncommon when it comes to statements, the large but elegant style is timeless and will get you noticed in any setting. The versatility of this style provided you an easy option to wear with any style of clothing, whether it be casual or for a black-tie kind of event. The point is this is one style that will never make you seem cheesy while still creating loud statements. The One-of-a-Kind pieces offered by us here at Taza Collections follow this theme while adding our own elegant twist!


  • Subtle

Subtle statements are everything when it comes to fashion, simple but chic, elegant and timeless, what more could you ask for! A subtle piece of jewelry can be anything that is quiet and simple but at the same time bold and powerful. Take for instance the “NEMOW” bracelet by us here at Taza Collection, this bracelet is so simple yet so powerful, you will not only stand out in a crowd but look ultimately classy while doing so!

As you have seen from this article there are so many ways you can make statements while looking timeless and elegant, its all in the pairings! What you wear and how you wear it is the biggest part of making statements with jewelry. Make your own statements and be confident in yourself. Let fashion express who you are and who you aspire to be!

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