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The Healing Properties of Lava Stones

The Healing Properties of Lava Stones

 Fun Fact: Lava stones are created when the fiery bubbly volcanic lava dries out, hence creating this beautiful stone. Lava stones, however, are not just stones, like the bursting strength of a volcano these small black porous balls have many wonderful healing benefits.

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I know what you are thinking, how could a stone possibly have healing powers? You are not wrong to be curious after all yoga, meditation, and massages have all been proven to help lower anxiety and stress. So maybe there is something more to lava stones then meets the human eye.


If you believe in healing properties from the earth and special energies in the atmosphere you are already one step ahead of the game. Often times belief is the most powerful source of healing, if you believe in the properties of healing stones then you have already taken steps towards lowering anxiety and stress. Lava stones are created by fire and energy of a volcano which is rich in natural and powerful minerals from deep within the earth. If you still don’t believe us then believe science, it is proven that certain minerals can release stress and anxiety, through the lava stones those minerals create a detoxifying experience for our minds.


It is not hard to take advantage of these healing properties that lava stones offer. You can wear one of our many wonderfully designed lava stone bracelets on a daily basis, having the stones against your skin allows you to embrace the natural flow of energy. If you are not a fan of the many wonderful designs of lava stone bracelets, we offer then you can you can create your own custom lava stone bracelet. You will always look stylish, especially with the huge fashion trend of lava stone bracelets at the moment and achieve a great amount of natural anxiety relief. Keeping a positive mindset will also go a long way.


Photos: Pixabay, EWN






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